Koza Construction & Defence Industry established in 1991 in Istanbul/ Turkey to operate in turnkey defence industry projects on international basis. Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals including architects and engineers who are experts in their fields.

Our head office is in Istanbul. We have international branches in Doha/Qatar, Baku/Azerbaijan and London/United Kingdom. 

We are planning, designing, construction and installation for turnkey military projects for all purposes:

  • Turnkey military training facilities and barracks construction
  • Indoor and outdoor shooting range construction for firearms and laser arms
  • Urban Training Centres
  • Heavy duty armoured vehicle shooting ranges
  • Arms and ammunition testing shooting range construction with equipment
  • Mobile and Container shooting ranges
  • Military Hospitals
  • Mobile Hospitals
  • NATO standardized mobile barracks manufacturing

Our company Koza Construction and Defence Industry gives management, training, after sale and maintenance services to its customers to enable the Facilities work properly.

We use most modern systems relating to your training purposes. Our company Koza has ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate.