Koza designs and builds Urban Areas to simulate realistic neighborhoods like residential areas, Embassies, Schools, cinemas, hotels, etc. The Urban Area enables live and laser fire training. To simulate more realistic battlefield area, we use blast explosive and machine gun simulators. All participants are tracked by GPS and indoor tracking systems. Tactical Operation Center (TOC) building helps the instructors to create different training scenarios and After Action Review (AAR).

In Outdoor Urban Training Center, trainees can shoot live fire inside all the buildings.

Training Descriptions

  • Motorized and Pedestrian Guarding Trainings
  • Fast Rope Landing from Helicopter
  • Fast Rope Landing from Roof
  • Entering Building From Wall Through Using Explosive
  • Building Operations
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Vip Convoy training
  • Ambush/Dissidence Against Ambush
  • Hostage Rescue Operations
  • Rescuing and Evacuating Civil Public from a Zone Controlled by Terrorists
  • Evacuation of Injured Personnel
  • Responding to Social Events
  • Providing Public Order
  • Using Suicide Bomb, IED, Mine and Being Protected from These
  • Taking Defense Equipment by Friends Stuck In Residential Area
  • Gathering Information and Guiding Operation By Means of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Target Approach, Position Taking, Target Defusing and Eluding by Sniper Teams
  • Target Description to Fire Supporting Tools
  • Target Description to Armed Aerial Support