Koza Interactive Training System offers a high quality training capability.

Our team is working side by side with strategic partners, who have a thorough understanding of the training needs of police and militaries around the world.

The screens  (shooting area)can be single or multiple, according to the customers’ needs.

With our state of Art Design Motion Platform and with the 360 degree screen we can simulate any kind of vehicle in our training systems.



The Skill Drill

The Skill Drill program within the Training System package, allows basic marksmanship and judgmental training for both new recruits and experienced officers. 

The Skill Drill program is the most basic program within the Viper Training System, but can be useful in improving the students shooting ability. It teaches good hand-to-eye coordination and introduces basic judgmental “shoot and no shoot” targetry. Skill Drills focuses on improving students accuracy and decision making ability.



Qual X

The “QUAL X” training program within the Viper Training System, allows training for up to 4 shooters on a single screen. Instructors are able to create different qualification courses, this allows for targets to be positioned accurately through the use of the instructor editor; Distances, lighting conditions and time scales can all be adjusted.

Courses can be built very quickly, without having had lots of initial training. Targets can be authored to appear on a monorail, where the image gets closer or further away depending on the instructors decision. Turning targets are also an option within the “QUAL X” software, where the targets are seen as either “friend”, where the student is not required to shoot, or “foe” where the student is required to shoot. All shots taken by all students are saved within a database, allowing the students and instructors to view an After Action Review (AAR). This option means that the shooting results can be recorded for later review. Students are able to visually see the shot placement, and this is made easy to view through a shot-by-shot analysis.




  • Qualification courses can be created, ranging up to 50 metres.
  • AAR allows students to analyse every shot taken, including the shot placement on the target.
  • Results of shot placement can be saved to a database, allowing progress tracking of each student.
  • Lighting conditions, speed and size of the target can be adjusted by the instructor.


KD Range

The “KD Range” ( Known Distance Range ) is an outdoor range that allows students to shoot out to longer distances. Different targets can be added to allow the realism of shooting on an actual outdoor range. Using the editor allows instructors to build known qualification shoots, but with the added ability to add weather (such as wind, rain, snow etc) along with the ballistic affect this would have on each round fired. Day or night shooting can be authored easily by the instructors, and as in the QUAL X programme, all results can be viewed and saved to a user data base.

This graphic shows the “instructor view” on the monitor. The instructor can create new courses or edit existing ones at any time. As you can see the screen is neat, and easy to use. This allows the instructor to focus on the students and the training at all times. Weather can be added or changed which will allow the student to see the effect on the ballistics. The above image shows snow whilst the image to the right shows rain. Any other type of weather can also be added. Any targets can be added to match current qualification courses. Up to four targets per screen and a moving target can be authored at any one time.




Intervid is the judgemental branching video program that allows the end user to not only play scenarios from the extensive supplied library but also create training scenarios with the easy to use editor. Simply take a camera, film the required video footage and then save it in to the editor / player and within minutes you can be training. This is a unique program as it is so user  friendly.

Over many years in this industry we have found that end users require training footage that is relevant to their areas, not scenarios created by other departments in totally different parts of the world. Scenarios can branch from gun shots, CS Spray, Taser or an instructor key press so outcomes can always be different.

Military officers of the 21st century find themselves in more peace keeping environments. Gone are the days of just firing on full automatic, each shot they fire is analysed not only internally but also by the inevitable world journalists that are present at every conflict. Officers are subject to many impossible situations but will find their decisions investigated in a court, at a later date. The InterVid interface, as like all the other Viper screens, is simple to use which allows the instructor to monitör the student. A look back camera plays an after action review to not only show if the student shot any rounds but will also show how they took cover, etc.

The picture in picture play back highlights exactly the student’s actions, including verbal command at any given time.



Virtual Battle Space 3 (VBS3)

Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) is a flexible simulation training solution for scenario training, mission rehearsal and more. VBS3 expands on its predecessor VBS2 by improving the VBS open architecture, providing faster performance with our multicast system, and introducing a new, more modern-looking user interface. VBS3 was selected by the U.S. Army as its flagship product for its Games for Training program. VBS has become an industry standard in gamebased military simulation.



Learning: Think. Communicate. Train. Learn. VBS3 is designed to help develop techniques, procedures, and communication and decision-making skills.

Technology: Better Technology Means More Options. VBS3 enables better training by allowing users to build larger terrains, involve more participants, and create more Complyex scenarios.

Development: Make Your Own

Scenarios: Make Your Own Models. VBS3 is a flexible, simulation environment where developers can create an incredible range of training scenarios.

Content: In the Air, Over Land, On the Sea. VBS3’s content is vast and varied. Our content library includes thousands of vehicles, weapons, people and objects.

AAR: Plan. Execute. Assess. Repeat. After-action review offers a distinct advantage for  improving performance in communication, decision-making and teamwork in the battlespace.



Allows officers to train under a state of acute stress creating schemas that will dramatically increase their ability to survive a deadly force encounter with a firearm.

Sets up in seconds, maximizing training time and allowing you to train anywhere, anytime.

Does NOT require any special safety equipment, saving you time and money. Most importantly creating more realistic training by allowing you to see facial cues and hear auditory sounds clearly. Finally . . . train the way you fight.

Operates through most color clothing, allowing the StressVest® to be completely concealed.