Unique "tubeless" recoil system provides automatic recoil for automatic and semi-automatic handguns and gives to the user the realistic feel of live firing. The recoil system can be used with wide variety of simulators as well as for basic weaponry training. 

Instead of traditional tubes of pressurised air the system incorporates liquid CO2 reservoirs, located in the weapons magazine. It gives to the user freedom of movement, thus significantly widening the area of its use compared to conventional systems. 

Another advantage of the system is that it can be installed on real unmodified weapons. The modifications do not affect the weapons handling parameters. If needed, the weapons can be converted back for live firing just in few minutes. By using gas instead of live ammunition a large number of simulated rounds can be fired for a minimal cost

  • The system can be used by not only Military and Law Enforcement but beginning shooters as well
  • The magazines can be refilled in seconds and reloading of the weapons is carried out in exactly the same way as in real life.
  • The shot count is at least equal to the magazine cartridge capacity but in most cases exceeds it by factor of two or three.