The TG 350 Lateral Moving Target is a winch driven moving target system mounted on a straight rail system, powered via contact rails. A TG 82-70 single pop-up / rotary target fitted on the trolley provides normal pop-up (slicing) or rotary function. The mechanism is IP 67 protected and built and tested according military standards. Target illumination is built into the cast aluminium housing simulating moonlight, hit on target and retaliatory fire.

Each rotary module includes a built-in contact hit sensor for detection of the physical impact of both supersonic and subsonic projectiles on the target board. The attached LOMAH detects all supersonic projectiles passing through the detection zone (for detailed specification please see respective product description). All equipment complies with ISO 9001 quality and 14001 environmental standards.


Performance Target Mechanism .
Ecposure Mode Slicing or rotary
Target Type Sttandard Fig 11,12 & 15
Control Wireless from AROS, internal hit sensor, LOMAH
Hit Detection 100% reliability (provided there is a physical hit on the target e.g. no hole where the bullet is flying through)
Hit Sensitivity Adjustable via the AROS in 15 levels
Hit Counting Up to 1200rpm
Target Rise / Lower Time <1 sec / <1sec
Max. Target Weight 8kg (with target holder)
Performance Moving Target System .
Drive System Towed
Acceleration 2.5m/s²
Min. Speed 0.2m/s
Max. Speed 4m/s
Track System straight
Communication .
Target to AROS Wifi 802.11b/g/n
Mover control box to AROS Ethernet 100
Environmental .
Operating Temperature -25ºC to +55ºC
Enclosure Rating (IEC 60529) IP 65
Relative Humidity 98%
Electrical and Ancillaries .
Power Input Mover 400VAC / 3 phase Target 100-230VAC