Rugged design and construction ensure the high survivability of the TG 4010 under climatic extremes while its modular construction simplifies servicing and maintenance procedures. The TG 4010 T-Bar will accommodate any weapon firing supersonic projectiles which have a remaining velocity, at the target, of at least 450 meters per second. The system can record rates of fire in excess of 2000 rounds per minute.

The T-Bar is not affected by the rigours of environmental changes and climatic exposure. Rain, hail, dirt, stone showers or other debris thrown against or striking the LOMAH will not accumulate on the sensing surfaces nor be recorded as false shots and/or target hits or misses.

If a shot fails to arrive within the Intelligent T-Bar detection area, for example, as a result of striking and remaining in the ground, the system recognises this, and reacts

accordingly with an appropriate descriptive message against that shot number.