Save Lives - by providing the world's best virtual and augmented reality simulation training products

Dangerous Task Training - focus on training lethal force professionals, emergency services personnel, and high-danger commercial/industrial professionals

Be Real - maximize natural human motion as the man - to - simulation interface, low/no instrumentation burden, realistic for all senses




Squad sets are groups of individual Training Cubes (ITCs)



System Training Benefits...

Fully immerse trainess (all senses)

Create a suspension of disbelief

Introduce useful stress in training to enable trainess to maximize training



3 person perspective in VBS3 (other engines already easily integrated such as Unreal, Unity, others)



Glint Tape - reduces instrumentation profile & cost



Glint tape markers enable unhindered human movement including combat rolls (video available)



Realism in Training counts - Example of Shooting



A more realistic approach in a simulator...

real weapon features = proper hold & operation



A more realistic approach (cont'd)...

Simulator components unobtrusive


Display Resolution Dual 1920x1080 full-color with 16,777,216 colors, color gamut 70% of CIE 1931.
Contrast Ratio 1000:1 typical
Display Technology Fiat panel display, active-matrix TFT
Field of View 131º diagonal (120º horizontal, 54º vertical)
Binocular Overlap 74%
Eye Relief 20mm
Eye Box 9mm
Geometrical Distortion <10%
Power Input +5VDC, battery compatible
Power Consumption ~10W
Inputs Dual HDMI video input, one 1080p signal per eye. Also accepts "side by side" 1080p video allowing the operate the device with a single input. USB control input.
Reporting Yaw/pitch/roll heading and X/Y/Z linear acceleration.
Reporting Rate 250Hz with advanced AHRS Kalman Filtering. Higher rates available
Accuracy 1º in all three axes
Resolution Better than 0.08º
Purpose - Built Military/LE Simulator - ready 2 train
Vision Technology
Mixed Reality VR HMD combined with ~ 100% real gear
True Human Vision Peripheral Vision Immersive Device (HMD)
True Human Motion Wireless system, variable size spaces
Unobtrusive Instrumentation Rigid Body MOCAP using glint tape
Infinite space in confined space Individual tracking (nav override)/mounted & dismounted
Real equipment Sensor "skins" lightweight rigid bodies
Portable/Deployable Wide FOV MOCAP cameras, rugged cases